Let's Get Started video thumbnail: Shannon Stoltz, holding a butterfly wand, with the caption: Using Sparkle to Build Relationship & Connection

Using Sparkle to Build Relationship and Connection with Teens

Hi, This is Shannon from Taste Tests and Sparkle. And I wanted to tell you the story of my sparkle wand ✨.

I was looking for a sparkle wand on Amazon, for a prop for a completely different project. I was looking for something like this, which I found, but while I was looking for my sparkle wand. I saw these butterfly ones.

And I immediately thought of my 16 year old daughter – not 3 – 16 I did say that correctly.

See, she loves butterflies. To the point where she has named her animation studio butterfly studios. And she has a special necklace, that’s butterflies. She just really likes butterflies.

And so these are all cute and sparkly and butterfly like, but they also have these, these strings.

And that’s important, because she is an animal rescuer, and she always has cats that she’s been rescuing.

And so these also double as cat toys.

So, I thought she would just get a kick out of them. So I ordered them and I had to order a pack of them, of course, because that’s the way it goes. And it wasn’t that much. It was like $6. So not real sturdy or anything. And so I got them and I’m like, look, look, look what I found.

She’s like, Oh, those are great. She picked out when she wanted. And then she picked up the one she wanted to take to the cat room. And so now and she danced around, she’s 16. It totally brought out the sparkle in her.

It was one of those dead-on, “I got it right” sparkle moments.
And it wasn’t something I was even looking to do. I had been looking for my sparkle prop and found these and went, “That is Esther.” And so I grabbed them real quick because I could at that time and grabbed them and brought them home.

And since then I have this large pack of them. I’ve been able to share them with people who have grandchildren that are little and things like that. So to add some more sparkle around in the world.

But it wasn’t a hard thing. It wasn’t anything I had to go out of my way to do. It was simply I thought of her I got her something real quick. And I showed it to her when she got it. And it was a perfect thing in the perfect moment.

And it created a whole bunch of sparkle in her world which you know, right now we need sparkle in her world. And that helped her feel known and loved and considered.

And it made me feel good because it built another layer of relationship with her that I got it right this time.

And it doesn’t take very much. Sometimes I don’t get it right. But it’s a little thing. Sometimes it’s in the little things and the knowing of a person that it’s perfect.

So when you’re out and about even if it’s just picking a favorite flower off the side of the road, or making something sweet or just adding some sprinkles on top of some hot chocolate or with cream. Whatever it is that would add a little sparkle in your teens lives or in your kids lives or in your significant other’s lives. It makes a difference.

Food for thought.